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I've been to Kintaro twice, but I only have pictures from the first trip since my camera was out of battery on the second trip.

Looking at these pictures got me so hungry I had to take a break from writing this review to reheat myself some soup, lol.

Anyway. KINTARO! Best. Ramen. Ever. Okay, that's the review, stop reading and go get some.

What? You want some more information? Hmm, okay.

While I've never eaten ramen in Japan, I have eaten it in Taiwan, which is pretty close (no seriously, Taiwan has some of the best Japanese food anywhere, due to its past as a Japanese colony and the popularity of Japanese culture with Taiwanese people).

Kintaro ramen is the best ramen I have ever had anywhere on earth. Seriously.

The picture above is of what I ordered both times: cheese ramen. OMGWTFBBQPORK, I know, but just like the menu says, "Ladies love it!" LOL. Basically a big bowl of miso ramen with bbq pork slices and two kinds of cheese. I think a slice of mozzarella, and the shredded stuff tasted to me like gouda or something similar to that. Current price: $9.55.

My first time I went with a friend who got the vegetable ramen. Nota bene: All the broths are made with pork bone. So this restaurant is not suitable for vegetarians, or people who keep kosher or halal, because the menu is pretty much all ramen plus some gyoza and other appetizers. So. Getting vegetable ramen is not a vegetarian option; it's just if you feel like eating lots of veggies. :3 ($8.25)

The second time I went with my boyfriend, and he got the miso ramen, which is basically my cheese ramen minus the cheese. He thought it was the best ramen he'd ever had too.

Kintaro Ramen is BUSY. The place is small, and turnover is quick, but you still may find yourself waiting a while. No reservations, either. You may easily find yourself sharing a table with some other people.

The servers all speak English and Japanese, and the chefs speak to each other in Japanese as they prepare the ramen within your view. Your arrival will be greeted with a hearty "Irasshaimase!" and your departure with an equally merry "Arigatou gozaimasu!" In a place this hectic, you won't so much have one waiter as your orders being taken and brought to the table by whoever is free.

Name: Kintaro Ramen
Location: 788 Denman St Vancouver, BC (604) 682-7568
Prices: <$10 for a bowl of ramen, which is all the food you need, really. Licensed for beer.
Service: Cheerful and busy, busy, busy.
Food: BEST RAMEN EVER. Were you paying attention?
Recommended?: So much!

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