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Let's get something out of the way first.

The Elbow Room is not the place for you if you object to:
1. Being called darling, honey and princess, no matter what your gender.
2. Having your ability to finish what you order questioned.
3. Cooking staff who drop the f bomb.
4. Having to refill your own coffee and get your own water.
5. Having to wait for a table.
6. Having to donate money to charity if you don't finish your food.

The Elbow Room is the place for you if you like:
1. Good-natured "abuse" that doesn't cross the line, IMHO. For example, they might accuse you of getting your outfit at Wal-Mart, but they won't call you a fat pig. It's kind of what a favorite but kind of rude uncle might say to you.
2. A huge menu with amusing descriptions.
3. Truly original dishes with fresh ingredients in large, delicious portions.
4. Looking at photographs of various celebrities who have eaten there.
5. Bantering with your waiter about things.

Those lists probably give you a good idea of the atmosphere of the Elbow Room. The Elbow Room has a gimmick, that's for sure: the waiters are friendly but they make fun of you. But even if it weren't for the gimmick, the Elbow Room would surely be popular because of the quality of the food and drinks served.

Our friend Naazia ordered the Rosemary omelet, which contained salmon, cream cheese, and green onions, cranberry sourdough for the side. Her drink was a blueberry milkshake. She asked our server, who was in fact the owner, whether she should get the milkshake or the smoothie (same price), and he said "Oh honey, get the milkshake!" XD

I got the B.C. Benny--two poached eggs, salmon, cream cheese and chives on an onion cheese bagel, covered in hollandaise sauce. I ordered the hashbrowns for an extra buck but tbh I would skip them, they were pretty ordinary. The Benny itself, however, was marvelous. Way better than ordinary eggs benedict.

Gordon ordered the 12" Savoury Big-Ass Pancake. Just look at that thing. It's huge and thick. Make your own dirty joke here (and if you don't, the servers will!). It's got bacon, cheese and sausage in it, and it's topped with butter and syrup. Do NOT order this thing if you have heart problems.

Gordon and I both got coffee, and the coffee is good, but like I said, they bring you the first cup, then you have to refill it yourself. If you want water, it's only free if you get up and get it yourself, otherwise they charge you.

The Elbow Room is only open for breakfast and lunch (until 4pm). If you want to try the amazing food, but aren't so into the banter, from what I saw, if you look uncomfortable or don't respond, the servers leave you alone. If you give it, then you'll get it. ^_^

Name: The Elbow Room
Location: 560 Davie St, Vancouver BC 604 685 3628
Prices: $10-20. Licensed.
Service: Ordinarily, a server saying "Make up your mind already!" and a cook saying "What the f***? That's not on our menu!" would be considered bad service, but in the Elbow Room, that's the charm. The service is really prompt considered how busy it is.
Food: Fantastic. A huge menu, with dishes you can't get anywhere else, in unusual combinations like a fruit omelet with bananas, kiwi, pineapple, cheese and pecans. There's also the old standbys like eggs and toast. The burgers are supposed to be really good as well, so I will have to go back there sometime when I'm in a lunch mood instead of a breakfast mood.
Recommended?: I probably wouldn't go here on a day where I was in a bad mood or feeling sensitive or thin-skinned. Otherwise it's a must-try.

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